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ATTL works to condition and smooth metal surfaces creating a barrier to friction (heat), wear, carbon build up, and water.

ATTL is a blend of petroleum and synthetic materials with three anti-friction ingredients built in. Two of the anti-friction materials are designed to bond with metal at a molecular level, filing the pores and smoothing the surface of the metal and the third floats between the molecules of the other two. This reduces friction and helps the weapon operate more smoothly. This also extends the life of the weapon, reducing wear. Cleanup time is also reduced with the anti-friction materials in the pores of the metal blow back and carbon buildup are greatly reduced.

The operational temperature range for ATTL is -40 to +700 F.

ATTL is a Microlubricant, in dusty conditions ATTL can be applied allowed to bond with the metal and then wiped off. A microscopic film of liquid lubrication remains so that the weapon is lubricated and fully functional and will not attract dust.

ATTL was tested at 100 hours in 5% saline spray with no rust, eliminating the worry of long term weapon storage.

This is truly the all-in-one, full spectrum lubricant for firearms!

All Temp Tactical Lube is a product of EMBY Enterprises LLC.

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