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~ Customer Reviews ~

"I'm a gunsmith and custom AR manufacturer. A friend turned me on to all temp tactical. I was skeptical at the claims they made, so he gave me a tube to try. I took it home and used it on all my firearms. I was impressed to say the least but could it really deliver like the company said it would. I decided to put it to the test. I live here in Teton Valley Idaho were it gets down right cold. When I saw the forest and new it would get to -40 for a few days I new this was my opportunity to test it out. So I skinned way up into the Tetons, barried my AR in the snow with the lube in it, and left it there for a few days. I've done this in the past and was able to fire the AR but it wasn't the most reliable at those temps. After the gun sat for after the gun sat for a few days I went back up with 3 mags. I didn't think I would get shoot all of them but I did any how. I pulled the AR out of the Ice and snow and beet till I was sure all the ice was out of it. I cycled it manually Checked the barrel to make sure it was clear the loaded a mag in it and charged the weapon then shot once. it appeared to function fine so I proceeded to unload the mag. I had zero issues, So I loaded the next one and emptied it. No problems there either so I did a speed reload ( the best I could with my gloves on) and emptied the third mag with no issues what-so-ever. I was a bit shocked I thought for sure it would at least act sluggish, fail to feed or something. I now sell it and will start giving a tube with every AR I build. The stuff is amazing and it does do everything it says it will."

- Richard McGrath, ID

"I took a few magazines a part and ran some All Temp Tactical Lube through the interiors and on the followers using a small kids toothbrush. Took them out for a little FTF, smooth as glass!!"

- Bradley Sines, UT

"Love this stuff. I even tried a tiny bit on a cotton swab to clean a field knife that was a little neglected and it released the few oxidation spots no problem. That worked pretty slick. I know what gun lube I'll be using forever now."

- Jesse Christensen, UT

"I was so impressed on what I saw, I had to share it with my son, who is in the Coast Guard. Thank you"

- Rick Clester, CA

"I have shot 10,000 rounds in the Sti Trojan 1911 and still very well lubed! Have not cleaned it yet just a exterior wipe down. God I love this stuff!"

- Aaron Wipple, OH

"I got a sample of the lube. It isn't like your typical runny goes everywhere lube. Cleaned down my trigger on a brand new 300blackout pistol build. Followed the directions as stated. Finished the build up and left the gun in a garage at around 10-15 degrees for two days. Came out and load up a mag. Fired off and not a single problem. Opened the pistol up to see how if the lube had run, gotten gummy or anything similar. Nope still good. I will update as I try it on more things but for now, for me, its Ohio winter approved."

- Dan Woods, OH

"We are running a 2day Combat Carbine course this weekend at BattleRoadUSA. Everyone is using the All Temp Tactical lube for their rifles. I ran mine without cleaning or lubricating it(other than bore snake and compressed air at end of day) with Wolf for several thousand rounds before I started getting stoppages. Then just took out the bolt, applied the lube as directed, put it back in and without any additional cleaning, am running up on 500 more Wolf with 0 stoppages so far. Despite lots of bad press and rumors, the AR rifle is designed to run without a lot of fuss, but I did start getting stoppages at about 2275, and put the lube on the bolt, wiped it off and am running without faults again. Thanks All Temp Tactical!"

- Mike Adam, TX


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